Planning for Executives

Creating a Leadership Culture

Succession planning at all levels is easier in a culture that attracts and inspires employees to do their best work. A combined focus on culture as well as leadership competence paves the way to high performance teams and organizational success. Our approach helps you:

  • create a leadership competency model that is customized to and appropriate to your mission, vision and strategy;
  • strengthen your individual and team performance management processes by incorporating competency models and development plans to fit your budget parameters;
  • develop mechanisms to assess potential successors for all senior leadership roles;
  • offer multi-faceted development opportunities that are cost effective and aligned with your strategic goals.


Succession Planning at the Senior Leadership Level

Organizations tend to concentrate succession planning exclusively at the chief executive level. However, transition from one senior level position to another is critical, and a smooth transition is essential to maintaining the confidence of donors, funders and community partners, not to mention the organization’s staff and board. Enabling the organization to function in the event of a planned or unplanned departure among the senior team, including the executive director, is critical to organizational stability and resilience. Creating a succession plan that can accommodate a temporary leave or permanent departure, planned or unplanned:

  • provides a framework to design leadership development for senior team members that is aligned with the organization’s mission, vision and strategic goals;
  • gives leaders an opportunity to shift their role as needed in reaction to changes in the environment and strategic initiatives;
  • strengthens the relationship between the board, chief executive and his or her senior team;
  • aligns with best practices in the sector, increases the confidence of funders and has the potential to attract talent to the nonprofit.