Change Happens

Whether it’s a founder or long term leader with beginning thoughts about retirement or a new leader who is just starting his or her planned five year run, your organization is always in flux, always somewhere on the continuum of leadership transition. Successful organizations thrive during change. They have the agility, resiliency and forethought to know that the status quo isn’t.

Change Is Challenge

Leadership change is not simple. It impacts the organization. It impacts every staff, board member and stakeholder. Anticipating challenges in advance ultimately smoothes out the process and prepares the organization for a successful transition and integration of new leadership.

Change Is Opportunity

Leadership legacy planning provides the thinking pause that’s essential to create a path where change produces positive outcomes — new growth, new vision, and new directions.

TransitionWorks helps organizations develop resilience and the ability to thrive.


When Leaders Leave

When Leaders Leave by Priscilla Rosenwald & Lesley Mallow Wendell

Priscilla Rosenwald & Lesley Mallow Wendell

Organizations are often brought to crisis when a leader decides to (or is asked to) leave. When Leaders Leave gives nonprofit leadership the ability to plan ahead and create positive change from every leadership transition. Priscilla Rosenwald and Lesley Mallow Wendell bring together real-life examples, quizzes, exercises and prompts to get the conversation started.